What is KCL?

The Kapitbahayan Co-operative Limited (ABN: 37 569 075 271) was registered as a housing co-operative in 1995 (Co-operative Act 1992), and is supervised by the NSW Office of Community Housing. It leases, manages and maintains rental accommodations for families and individuals who are unable to acquire their own house. These tenant-members have organised themselves to perform effectively and voluntarily the various management and organisational functions of the co-operative.

KCL consciously and actively practices and promotes the ideals of co-operativism (i.e. democratic decision-making, equitable sharing of skills, resources and benefits, and social awareness and involvement) while focusing on the goals and objectives of the state’s community housing program which is to provide stable, affordable and comfortable accommodations.

Compared to other housing programs (e.g. housing associations [also known as commission housing], Aboriginal housing, church-run housing, supported/crisis accommodations), co-operatives are managed with greater autonomy by the tenant-members who are trained, organised and participate as office bearers and members of working committees holding specific duties and responsibilities voluntarily. The co-op members collectively act as landlords and managers of the properties held on head-lease by the co-op. Decision-making, planning, skills development, repairs, maintenance, expansion and procurement of accommodations and facilities are therefore handled, initiated or organised by the co-op.

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  1. how can I apply?ang where can I get the application?

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